I’ve worked in a restaurant most of my life. I enjoy people and serving the public. Doing so has helped me to develop amazing interpersonal skills and also an array of great stories. Through the years, Valentine’s Day has been a busy holiday and a standard couples night out.

Walking into any restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be sure to see tables filled with adorable couples, blissfully in love, sharing a bottle of wine. How romantic, right? Wait, maybe you’re not seeing the entire picture, like I am…your local waitress.

Allow me to give you the inside scoop…

Filet mignon, lobster tails, baked stuffed shrimp, rack of lamb, flowing drinks, roses and intimate conversation like this…

Table 2:

Me: “Here’s your appetizer,” as I set down the plate. “Jumbo shrimp cocktail.”

Wife to me: “Thank you.”

Wife to husband: “MY mother gave ME the money and if I want to buy a new ottoman, I’ll buy a new ottoman!”

Husband: Frowning, “Whatever you want dear.”

Oh boy, I think.

Table 3: 

Me: “Hi. Excuse me.”

Couple: No response

Nevermind, these two need to go and get a room, I think.

Table 1:

Husband: “Excuse me. Can I get another drink?”

Me: “Yes.” I reply, thinking that’s his third one.

Table 4:

Me: “Hi! Can I get you something to drink?”

Female guest: “Yes, a…glass of pinot grigio.”

Oh God. She’s crying, I say to myself.

It’s peak dinner time and the house is packed. I bring table 2 their entrees and they’re arguing. I return to table 4 and realize that his date has left as he places an order for himself, while looking embarrassed.

This night is a mess, I think. Well, it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

As I’m at the computer entering an order, the wife at table 1 gets up to use the lady’s room. Moments later I feel someone pulling at my apron near the side of my  waist.

Drunk guy from table 1: “Hey, beautiful! What are you doing later?”

This guy’s wife is in the lady’s room. You have got to be kidding me.

Valentine’s Day is full of hope and expectation of the perfect romantic evening, the perfect connection. In my perspective, you can’t conjure up that romance or that connection. Valentine’s Day isn’t about doing what’s expected or trying to show your love one night out of the year, it’s about celebrating your love every day of the year.

Whether you spend Valentine’s Day out at a fancy restaurant, or home in your pj’s eating chinese food and watching Netflix, give the one you love the best you have to offer…every single day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Your local waitress


What is your favorite Valentine’s Day story? Share it here.





6 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Twist (As Told From the Perspective of Your Waitress)

  1. Laughing my butt off! I’m always telling people I could never be a waitress as I might go off on someone. My first and only “waitress” experience was when I was 13 (back in day day nobody cared how old you were as long as you lied and said you were 16), at Dairy Queen. A construction worked ordered Nachos. I brought it (thus waitress…sort of) to his table along with his other food items. He came back to the register, threw the empty cardboard nacho container on the counter and told me he wanted another order. I charged him, went back and got him a new paper container of the darn nachos and brought to the table. He then THREW the container at me hitting me in the face with the liquid, hot cheese and yelled he wanted the old container with the left over cheese. I swear I was feeling fire on my face from the cheese burn and more fire (mad!). I calmly went and got his OLD container out of the trash and pumped that cheese concoction until the container was FULL of hot liquid cheese, threw it in HIS face and left. My last day as a “waitress” 🙂 He was still screaming when I left. I hope his blisters were as fun as mine 🙂 ha!


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