Check It Out…

Ah, the restaurant check book, tool of the trade. It seems that I always carry one in my purse. I’m a waitress and that’s just how I roll. In fact, with my job, I have to be ready to come into work at a moments notice to cover a shift… any day, any time.

This leaves me with the responsibility of being prepared like a boy scout. I have frequently considered sleeping in my work clothes and installing a fireman’s pole just to be as quick and efficient as possible when I get the unexpected call to work, usually on my day off.

Over the years I have grown accustom to the spontaneity and dedication that it takes to pull this off. I have also told John that he may as well be in a relationship with a paramedic seeing that the over all disruption of plans and outcome is the same.

Tonight after working a double and getting out late, I met John at a sushi place that we haven’t been to in over a year.

The atmosphere is amazing and the food is great! I have to admit that I’ve missed dining there, but what can I say, the last time that we went was nothing short of a disaster.

It must be almost a year since we dined at Dao Fusion and our last visit was memorable, to say the least. The restaurant was inviting. We enjoyed some alone time in an intimate booth and ordered a bottle of wine.

Photo of Dao Fusion Cuisine & Lounge - Stratford, CT, United States. Tatami room

The food was delicious.

Photo of Dao Fusion Cuisine & Lounge - Stratford, CT, United States. Never disappoints! Love this sushi!

The service impeccable.

You may be wondering why we never went back after our fine dining experience one year ago.

Well, the answer could very well have landed both of us in jail…

After the waitress brought our bill and we were getting ready to leave, I began placing all of my belongings in my purse… my cell phone, car keys and sunglasses.

We walked to John’s car and got in. As John started the engine, I was startled by a noise… the waitress that served us was frantically banging on the window of the passenger seat where I sat.

I pressed the button on the door and slowly lowered the window, looking perplexed.

“You took the check book!” She yelled.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“You didn’t pay the bill!” She said, “You took the check book!”

Before I could reply John leaned over and said, “She’s a waitress.”

As if that explained it all.

“Look, I am a waitress and I have no idea what you’re talking about. I paid the bill and tipped generously.” I replied.

“I need my check book.” The waitress demanded.

Laughing I replied, “I don’t have your check book.”

As I opened my purse.

There in my purse sat two check books.

One from my work and one from the lunch that we had just enjoyed.

Slowly and sheepishly, I slid the cash filled check book through the open gap in the car window.

The waitress grabbed it and stamped off.

“Well, we’re NEVER going back there again.” I said to John.

We both laughed as my cheeks turned a bright shade of red.

But guess what?

We did, a year later… tonight, in fact.

I double and triple checked my purse as we paid the bill and just for the record, no one followed us out to our car.

Today maybe it’s just the small victories…

Or just my life…

I swear…






PMS, Mayhem & Menopause

It never fails…the 24 hours before I get my period is a roller coaster of emotions.

I’m moody.

I’m angry.

Sometimes I’m crying.

One night, I was discussing this with my female friends at work. We were all sharing stories and laughing at the things that have happened and the way that we have acted the night before we got our periods.

One of my friends recounted a story of arguing with her husband and running back and forth between the bedroom and the bathroom, locking the respective doors each time.

Another said she would go on endlessly about how no one had any idea how much work she did.

Another described having her anger escalate so much that she was ready to move out of her home.

And yet another, labeled herself “The Crier”, stating, “Every month I just cry.”

What a mess!

What’s behind all of the monthly arguments that have ensued with our significant others and all of the irrational crying?

Why do we continue to do this to ourselves and the people that we love?

My friends and I surmised that it really feels beyond our ability to control all of the pre-period mayhem that each of us have caused on a monthly basis.

There has to be something to it, I thought.

So I did a little research.

On the 14th day of your menstrual cycle, there is a peak in estrogen. While there are lots of benefits to this spike in estrogen, one of the drawbacks is that it can amp up your anxiety and cause you to stress over both big and small issues.

And, if that isn’t bad enough, there’s more…

The final 6 days of your cycle: Estrogen and progesterone plunge

(Quoted from Hormonology)

“As estrogen plunges during this premenstrual week, it can trigger moodiness, sadness, irritability, muscle aches, insomnia, headaches, fatigue and a wide variety of other PMS-related symptoms. Not every woman suffers from premenstrual syndrome and symptoms can be milder or more severe from month to month often due to diet, stress, medications, exercise habits or your body’s personal sensitivity to hormones.”

Well, that explains it! Now I’m feeling just a little less insane and I hope that you are too if you can relate to me and my friends at work.

Now, If someone would figure out a way to add estrogen to wine, the world would certainly be a much better place.

Just Sayin.

Until then, we’ll all just have to continue to deal with the mayhem, significant others included…well, up until Menopause anyway…but that’s a whole other roller coaster.

At the end of the conversation with my girlfriends, one of my post-menopausal friends said, “God, I miss my period!”

“Are you serious?” I laughed, “After that conversation?”

“Yes.” She replied, “I miss laying on the couch in my pajamas, watching movies and not having to do anything or even make dinner. I do miss all of that.”

“Girl,” I said, “You don’t miss your period at all.”

“I don’t?” she asked.

I laughed, “No, you don’t. You just miss the excuse!”

“I never thought of it that way.” She said, “I think that you’re right!”

We all laughed.

Now if somebody would just get on making that estrogen infused wine…

Image result for images of estrogen wine

Cheers! 🙂

Erin Cooper Reed



A Valentine’s Day Twist (As Told From the Perspective of Your Waitress)

I’ve worked in a restaurant most of my life. I enjoy people and serving the public. Doing so has helped me to develop amazing interpersonal skills and also an array of great stories. Through the years, Valentine’s Day has been a busy holiday and a standard couples night out.

Walking into any restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be sure to see tables filled with adorable couples, blissfully in love, sharing a bottle of wine. How romantic, right? Wait, maybe you’re not seeing the entire picture, like I am…your local waitress.

Allow me to give you the inside scoop…

Filet mignon, lobster tails, baked stuffed shrimp, rack of lamb, flowing drinks, roses and intimate conversation like this…

Table 2:

Me: “Here’s your appetizer,” as I set down the plate. “Jumbo shrimp cocktail.”

Wife to me: “Thank you.”

Wife to husband: “MY mother gave ME the money and if I want to buy a new ottoman, I’ll buy a new ottoman!”

Husband: Frowning, “Whatever you want dear.”

Oh boy, I think.

Table 3: 

Me: “Hi. Excuse me.”

Couple: No response

Nevermind, these two need to go and get a room, I think.

Table 1:

Husband: “Excuse me. Can I get another drink?”

Me: “Yes.” I reply, thinking that’s his third one.

Table 4:

Me: “Hi! Can I get you something to drink?”

Female guest: “Yes, a…glass of pinot grigio.”

Oh God. She’s crying, I say to myself.

It’s peak dinner time and the house is packed. I bring table 2 their entrees and they’re arguing. I return to table 4 and realize that his date has left as he places an order for himself, while looking embarrassed.

This night is a mess, I think. Well, it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

As I’m at the computer entering an order, the wife at table 1 gets up to use the lady’s room. Moments later I feel someone pulling at my apron near the side of my  waist.

Drunk guy from table 1: “Hey, beautiful! What are you doing later?”

This guy’s wife is in the lady’s room. You have got to be kidding me.

Valentine’s Day is full of hope and expectation of the perfect romantic evening, the perfect connection. In my perspective, you can’t conjure up that romance or that connection. Valentine’s Day isn’t about doing what’s expected or trying to show your love one night out of the year, it’s about celebrating your love every day of the year.

Whether you spend Valentine’s Day out at a fancy restaurant, or home in your pj’s eating chinese food and watching Netflix, give the one you love the best you have to offer…every single day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Your local waitress


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