When my boys were younger I always worked multiple jobs. Okay, I still am, and probably always will be a workaholic. Actually, most of my life working like a dog has been an absolute necessity, yet even when not, I always maintained the same work ethic.

I became the queen of quick meals, crock pot cooking and yes, the master of the microwave. I was always pretty proud of myself and my ability to hold two jobs, vacuum the  living room while still wearing a suit and heels, wash, dry and fold laundry into the wee hours and of course, whip up a meal in minutes.

Kevin, then 6 years old, came home with a smile, a bounce in his step and a paper from school boasting an “A”.

“Mom, guess what? I got an “A” on a project!” Kevin beamed.

“That’s wonderful honey! What was the assignment?” I inquired.

“Well, everyone had to write down what their favorite food was, write one sentence about it and draw a picture.”  Kevin continued, “Most of the kids picked pizza or hot dogs…but wait until you see mine!”

Kevin continued beaming as he turned his paper that sported a large “A” towards me so I could see.

At the top of the paper, Kevin had  written perfectly, “My favorite food is broccoli.”

Underneath was his sentence about the topic.

“Boy, Can my mom microwave up a box of broccoli!”

The drawing below showed a box of broccoli and a to scale replica of the green giant.

Embarrassed and momentarily fear struck, I tried to form a smile. My first-born child had no idea that broccoli was grown in soil, in gardens and farms.

“I’m so proud of you Kevin!” I said with a hug.

I’m definitely going to have to decline that “Mother of  the Year” nomination…it’s the right thing to do.

And…this year, maybe plant a garden.


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