Here’s What’s In Store…The Ultimate Social Media Calendar June 2017

Welcome June! The month that is not only the official start of summer, but also the most popular month for weddings.

I was anxious to find out what’s happening in June 2017. I even looked it up for you so that you wouldn’t have to.

You’re Welcome!

According to the “Ultimate Social Media Calendar 2017” here is what we have to look forward to this month:

June 1st – 

Global Day of Parents

International Children’s Day

June 2nd – 

Leave The Office Early Day

National Donut Day

June 4th – 

Civic Day of Hacking

National Cancer Survivor’s Day

June 5th –  

World Environment Day

June 6th – 

Higher Education Day

June 8th – 

World’s Ocean Day

Best Friends Day

June 14th – 

World Blood Donor Day

National Flag Day

June 18th – 

Father’s Day

June 20th – 

World Refugee Day

June 21st – 

National Selfie Day

World Music Day

International Yoga Day

First Day of Summer

June 23rd – 

Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 27th – 

National Sunglasses Day

June 29th – 

National Handshake Day

June 30th – 

Social Media Day

Now, I don’t know about you, but personally, I was hoping for some downtime this summer…and now I’m feeling totally overwhelmed.

The only way that I can figure I’m going to be able to survive all of these festivities if I combine all of the above “Holidays” and get them out-of-the-way in one day, ya know, for efficiency’s sake.

So I’ve decide that tomorrow, I’m going to wake up early, grab a donutthrow on some music and do a little yoga before selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses for my dog Max to wear when he goes with me to work.

I plan on using my time at work to make a donation to the refugees (In Donald Trump’s name, of course) and to purchase some Malware to ensure that our companies computer doesn’t get hacked. Once I know that our computer system is secure, I’ll give my boss a firm handshake before informing him that I’ll be leaving the office early to go donate blood.

On my way home from giving blood I’ll make it a point to see both of my parentsI’ll give my mom a hug and congratulate her on being a cancer survivor before having to leave to purchase a small flag to put at my dad’s grave site. I’ll wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day and tell him how much I miss him, then I’ll return home to see my children.

I’ll drop Max off at my house, throw on a bikini to celebrate the first day of summer and call my best friend to see if she would like to go to the beach with me to help me remove some of the liter and cans from the ocean to protect the environment.

I’ll spend the last few moment’s before heading off to the beach, begging my kids to complete their summer homework packets so that they can pass to the next grade and eventually get a higher education.

I’ll forget my sunglasses because Max is still wearing them (What can I say?) and I’ll end up with a weird tan line on my forearm from where I gave blood.

But don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing.

I’ll be sure to document it all in selfies and post it on social media!


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Have a great June and a memorable summer my friends!

Much love,

Erin Cooper Reed









This Is Why I Blocked You On Facebook

It has taken me most of my adult life to get to the point where my three teenage sons have accepted my friend requests on Facebook.

I’m not sure if this is a major victory or a daily reminder of my greatest defeat. Tonight my son Rocky posted a heartfelt message that went something like this:

“Idk how people can just kick friends and family out of there life’s over stupid things. I fear losing the people around me more than I fear death.  I could never do it.”

To which I replied on his Facebook page.

It’s their lives, not there life’s. Just sayin.

Rocky immediately sent me a private message:

“This is why I block you from my Facebook.” 

What can I say? I am a writer and I want my children to learn proper grammar. Is that too much to ask?

Maybe so.

Actually, there are plenty of reasons to block people on Facebook.

Here Are The Top Ten Reasons To Block Someone From Facebook:

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1. The Selfie King or Queen – Okay, I get it. You love you. I just really don’t want to see a picture of you at home, in the car, at the mall, trying on shoes, having a drink, smiling, making a resting bitch face, fluffing your hair, straightening your hair, wearing your sunglasses, not wearing your sunglasses, etc. Document your entire day for yourself so you can see how great you looked in every moment. Personally I don’t care.

Image result for taking food photos

2. The Relentless Foodie –  I’m pretty sure that I like to eat just as much as you do. I just don’t have the need to share it with the world. Your breakfast looks fine, as does your lunch, mid-afternoon snack and your dinner. I get it. You love food. Did I mention that there are children starving not only in Africa but right here in the good old USA?

Image result for hypochondriac images

3. The Hypochondriac – You’re tired. You’re crampy. You have the flu. Your sinuses ache. Your doctor hasn’t called, just called, wants to see you. You feel like shit and you can’t stop talking about it. I’m not heartless but there really isn’t anything that I can do. Update your status when you’re feeling well for once. That would be a welcomed change of pace.

Image result for images fitness fanatics

4. The Work Out Nut –  Thank you for recording your every footstep you take on your Fitbit and posting it on Facebook. If I ever need to find you I’ll know every moment that you spend at the gym. I’m so happy that I didn’t miss the selfie on the treadmill and the photo of you covered in sweat.

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5. The Democrat/Republican/Liberal/Independent Looking For A Fight – Unbeknownst to you, I am really okay with whatever opinion you have. That is what makes you an individual, that is also what makes the world go round. The truth is that you just like to stir things up and your goal is to get under someone’s skin and really have it out. Facebook wasn’t created to be a political platform. Sorry to disappoint you. To each his own. I’m seriously okay with that. Just respect that other people feel as passionately about their stance as you do, and that’s okay. Please just let everyone be.

Image result for images trouble maker6. The Trouble Maker – Facebook is not a venue to destroy people’s lives. It is not the place to out your sister-in law about having an abortion, to bully someone, embarrass them or try to destroy their lives. I have seen it all. ENOUGH SAID.

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 7. The Stalker –  Just because you knew someone in high school, worked with them 15 years ago or ran into them at the grocery store last week, doesn’t mean that they want to interact with you everyday on Facebook. If you keep private messaging someone and they don’t respond, they probably don’t want to talk to you. This would be obvious to most people. For those of you that don’t get it, reread #7.

Image result for IMAGES of bragger

 8. The Bragger –  We get it. You have been there, done that, achieved it, purchased it, traveled there and you just happen to have the most accomplished brilliant children in the world. If we ever need to experience ultimate perfection we can certainly visit your page.

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9. The Total Pessimist –  No matter what anyone says you are right there to spread the doom and gloom. You are easily offended by anything that is meant as a joke and you can instantly destroy a funny post or meme by taking it too literally. Lighten up. Life is just too damn short.

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10. The Teenager –  Let’s face it, you know it ALL. You post things that I find so offensive that I frequently check your page to spare my extended family the embarrassment. You just don’t get it, but I live in hope of the day when you finally do and we can interact and share ideas as adults. In the meantime, I’ll continue to police your page, correct your spelling and love you nonetheless.

Rant over.

Carry on.