Write Late, Sleep Hard, Dream Weird

Have you every had a weird dream so powerful, it just kept going on even after you woke up to hit snooze and to fall back to sleep?

I had one early this morning… and it left me running late for work.

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This doesn’t mean the dream was good or even made any sense, it just means it was too strong of a dream to just shut off, or for it to fade away.

In my dream, I snipped off one of my fingers with something resembling wire cutters. There was no blood, no pain, and I simply held my unattached finger in my opposite hand.

Not only was I not upset, I really didn’t seem to care about the loss of my finger at all.

Buzz of the phone alarm clock.

Open eyes.

Hit snooze.

Back to the dream.

A woman in my dream mentioned to me I should really do something about my unattached finger.

It was then I remembered I had a cousin who accidentally cut off the tip of her finger when a window slammed down on it. She put the tip of her finger in a glass of milk to preserve it on the way to the ER. (Okay, this part of my dream, this memory oddly enough, is true.)

In my dream, I put the my unattached finger in spaghetti sauce, but that didn’t work. Then I placed it in a cup of milk, but the spaghetti sauce residue was swirling in the cup.

That’s about all I remember before I heard John ask, “Erin, what time do you have to be at work?”

I bolted upright, glanced at the clock and replied, “Now!” as I hopped out of bed.

“Now?” John asked, “You told me you didn’t have to be at work for another hour.”

“Well, when you asked me I was sleeping, now I’m late for work because I cut off my finger in my dream,” I stated, as I rushed to get ready.

When I left, John was standing in the bedroom looking perplexed. There was no time to explain.

I arrived at work half an hour late, and frazzled. As I passed by my boss, I said,”Sorry, I’m late, I cut my finger off in a dream.”

Strangely, he didn’t reply… in fact, he didn’t say a thing.

I guess after all this time he understands my uniqueness.

I wish I had a better story as an explanation… like, I’m still recovering after a late night of clubbing in the city, I had to stop and put my winning lottery ticket in my safe deposit box at the bank, or the installation of my new Jacuzzi took longer than I expected, but I always go with the truth.

All day long, this dream kept crossing my mind so I decided to Google it.

Dream Symbol Search Results:

To dream that your fingers are injured or have been chopped off denote your anxieties about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in some waking situation.

“Accomplish some demanding task.” All I could think about was writing and publishing this book…

And now, as I sit at my computer keyboard, I’m really concerned because I’m going to need all of my fingers for that!

My Life I Swear.

Erin Cooper Reed









I’m Going To Write My Way Out of This

So there it is… that’s my plan and truth be told, I have no other back up plan. Writing is my passion, so I’m going to go with that. I just have to keep pushing forward.

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The past few months have certainly been a struggle. I tore just about everything that a person could possibly tear in one’s knee, went to physically therapy, skipped the surgery part and went back to work at my job as a waitress. I had to and I’m still struggling to catch up on everything after going six weeks with no income.

“Mom, the internet is off!”

“Mom, we’re out of milk!”

I know, I know… I’m doing the best that I can.

Somehow I always manage to get by and make it all happen. I always do.

So, if it’s true that struggle builds character, then I’m filled to the brim!

Yet, as crazy as it may sound, I keep telling myself that I’m going to write my way out of this…

Out of this struggle,

Out of these financial problems,

And into a better life for myself and my children.

I’m aware that it’s a long shot… but I won’t give up hope.

But if it happens, when it happens, you’ll be the first to know.

And I’ll be, looking like the guy in this doodle…

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Just minus the stick figure part.



A Serene Life

I always imagined a serene life. Sure, I wanted the white picket fence and plenty of babies. I like so many of you,  oohed and ahhed over the tiny shoes and adorable onesies. I always wanted to be a mom. In fact, I think it was all I ever wanted.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that motherhood would give me the God-given ability to put together with ease, sentences like, “Hold on a minute mom. GET THE SPATULA AWAY FROM THAT CAT! Sorry, you were saying?” or “What is this RUBBER MALLET doing in the bathroom towel basket?”

Little did I know that this was only the very beginning of the craziness. I have so many funny, as well as exasperating stories of raising my small brood of three boys. (Just for the record, three kids feels like ten kids. Trust me on this.) Part of me doesn’t even know where to begin, as the stories compile daily, and sometimes by the hour.

I promise, I will make you laugh until your sides hurt…and just maybe, you’ll find the strength to get through what you’re dealing with on any given day.

Stay tuned! And most of all, my greatest piece of advice, don’t ever lose your sense of humor!