Understanding the teenage mind is tough enough, in and of itself… trying to understand what the hell it is teenagers are saying is a completely different story.

Slang has changed through the years and over decades.

Just to get you up to speed, here are 8 Slang Terms that I’ve learned from my kids: 

  1. Fam – If you over hear your kids talking about their “Fam” and you smile to yourself, thinking they mean you… Know that their “Fam” is their group of close friends. (Sorry if this news comes as a disappointment, remember it’s all about them, not you.)
  2.  Lit, Dope or Legit –  What used to be groovy in the 70’s, became awesome in the 80’s and Phat in the 90’s, is now Lit, Dope or legit in 2017. Note: Lit can also mean drunk, but “That’s dope!” isn’t about drugs.
  3. Turnt – Which brings me to my next point…I’m sure you remember the song, “Teenage Wasteland” and the popular use of the word “Wasted.” Well, wasted has now been replaced with “Turnt.” Are you still following me?
  4. Throwing Shade – What we have often called talking smack, or talking shit, is now refered to as throwing shade or being disrespectful towards someone.
  5. Esketit – Translation, “Let’s Get It.” This phrase was made popular by rapper Lil Pump. Also spelled Esskeetit, means let’s “get money”, “get lit”, or can mean just having fun.
  6. Gwap – In my day you used to “Bring home the bacon” but today it’s all about getting the “Gwap,” otherwise known as money.
  7. Bad Ass – The tough guy isn’t the bad ass. If someone is bad ass they display extreme confidence, ability and disregard for authority. If you’re wearing a bad ass watch, that means your watch is excellent.
  8. Wile Out – We used to say freak out or freaking out. Today, to “wile out” or “to be wilin” means to act rowdy or crazy.

I’ve learned so much and I hope that you have too!

Do you think that it would be cool if I got turnt, as long as I didn’t wile out

I mean, esketit,

Don’t be throwing shade!

All that matters is that I’m legit and I bring home the qwap.

Just sayin…


Your cool mom

That was a bad ass post, right?

P.S. – Spellcheck has no idea what I just said, but I’m not sure I do either…



5 thoughts on “Speaking Teenager 2017: The Short Course In 8 Simple Steps

      1. I am now officially “coolness overload”! I have a my own version of cool though that I can still embarrass my kids with-back in the day my son was showing me some of the gang sign hand gestures and I was being silly when I came up with my own gang gesture of “westside momz”… I put a w of my fingers in front of my forehead then flip the w to an m and holler “Westside mom!” … doing that in front of their friends… super embarrassing 😂

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