I just worked ten days in a row and today is my one day off to clean. I’m looking around this place and I’m thinking maybe I’ll just light a match and move on…

Is that wrong?

I’d prefer to blog over cleaning any day of the week but it’s hard to have a clear head when your house is a mess.

So, first things first.

Stay tuned for my clean house, clear thoughts to come…

Maybe, I’ll write another series.

And if the cleaning doesn’t pan out, I can still light that match.

Just sayin…





3 thoughts on “I Need Some Motivation!

  1. I can easily think of 10 other things to trump my household chores that are more fun so can totally relate!!! Especially when it’s your one day off! Dim your lights so you can’t see it as much and go enjoy your day off 😃


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