Are you ready?

Fasten your seat belts…

I am about to take you on an adventure through things that will leave you questioning your own beliefs and everything that you knew to be true.

I seriously hope that you’re up for it.

I’m going to put it all out there anyway.

I’m always open to all of your comments and opinions but if you don’t have an open mind and an open heart, read no further.

Truth is scarier than fiction, no doubt.

These next four posts are things that I have experienced.

I have three, 12 to 15 hour shifts ahead of me so I have to forego sleep to post, it may be random.

You may have to check in to follow the story…

And you may have to put aside everything that you thought was real in the first place.

If you’re up to it, please remember to keep your hands in the cart at all times because I am ready to take you on a wild ride.

Come and join me…

If you dare…

Erin Cooper Reed



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