I’ve been invited to submit an article to Erma Bombeck’s Writer’s Workshop. How cool is that? Excited but feeling a bit intimidated. Going for it anyway.  Was thinking of sending something that I have already written. John thinks that I should write something new. I’m probably going to write something new. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to pipe up.

Aunt Betty, I promise that I won’t let you down.

Much love,

Erin Cooper Reed

P.S. – If you don’t know who Aunt Betty is, go to the “Read all blog posts” link at the top of my page and scroll to “The Center of Things” it will explain it all.

Wish me luck!  🙂

P.P.S – Actually, The Center of things is listed under this blog post. Just in case inquiring minds want to know…


6 thoughts on “Really?

    1. Thanks, they didn’t say if it had to be unpublished. I think I’m going to write something new and I could always have I’d like to check you for ticks to fall back on. I’ll post it if they like it, lol!

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