Life is busy, in fact, busier than I ever expected.

It isn’t humanly possible for one person to get everything done.

Factor in some teenage boys and their common responses:

“In a minute.”

“I’ll do it later.”

And the tried and true,

“Mom, I know. I’m getting to it.”

I remember it like it was yesterday, hours of Barney videos that taught things like, recycling and “please and thank you are the magic words.”

I endured it all only to find that I would spend my son’s teenage years reiterating every single thing that Barney drilled into their heads.

I will never understand it, for the life of me, but this is where I am.

All three of my son’s continue to struggle with what actually goes into the recycling bin that sits in our kitchen.

They stare at me as if I’m insane, while I state, “Egg shells may be biodegradable, but they are not recyclable!”

They look at me as if I’ve lost my mind.

If I have to add, please, to one more of their requests or ask, did you tell Grandma thank you?, I just might totally lose my shit.

Nonetheless, my new favorite line has become, “We should…”

“We should clean up this yard.”

“We should take out this trash and recycling.”

“We should straighten out this basement.”

Just know, That when I say “We”…

I mean

Image result for images of you

For all intents & purposes, of course…


4 thoughts on “When I say, “We”

  1. When the kid is 47 and the granddaughter approaching 21 and you are STILL wondering what happened to the manners you taught? Although they ARE better than a lot of other kids I’ve me. And I guess my son isn’t actually a kid.


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