Life is busy.

Why not try our best to save time and kill two birds with one stone?

With that philosophy in mind, I scheduled my dog, Max, for an appointment with the veterinarian at Pet Smart and with the groomer at Pet Smart for the same day… back to back appointments.

I was feeling good about getting the appointments within an hour of each other, in the same building. Look at me making it happen and saving time, I thought. I love the empowering feeling that you get when you’re able to maximize your time and get a lot accomplished.

It onlt took one phone call from Pet Smart to negate all that I was so proud of accomplishing.

“Hi Erin, this is Jody from Pet Smart. Max is all set. He got all of his shots and has a clean bill of health.”

“That’s great!” I replied feeling like the best mamma of a fur-baby, ever!

Jody continued,”Yes, it is! Max was a very good boy. All we need is for you to come down and walk Max over to the groomers.”

Questions, Demand, Doubts, Psychology

“Walk Max over to the groomers? I’m at work and it is literally less than ten feet away.” I said, feeling perplexed.

“We need you to come down and take Max over there. How soon can you be here?” Jody asked.

I let out a sigh and told myself to remain calm.

“Look, the whole reason that I brought Max to you was so he could see the vet and get groomed while I’m at work. I’m working right now. Can’t you just bring him the ten feet from your veterinarian’s office to the groomers for me?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, that’s not our policy. You’ll have to come by, pick Max up from the vet and walk him over to the groomers.” She stated.

As My Aunt Marilyn would say, this woman was “beginning to get my Irish up.”

“Had I been told that in the first place, I never would have scheduled these appointments on a day that I have to work. I mean, this totally defeats the purpose…” I argued before, I was interrupted by Jody.

“Well, this is our policy. You need to come down.” She explained.

“Fine,” I retorted, “I’m on my way.”

I left work and got into my car.

As I drove from work to Pet Smart I sputtered to myself until I reached their parking lot in an angry mood.

Once inside, I approached the counter of the veterinary clinic at a quick pace.

“I’m here to pick up Max. ” I said, in an agitated tone, much louder than my usual speaking voice. “And, I want you to know that I think it’s not only ridiculous, but extremely inconvenient to make your customers leave work to bring an animal that is in your possession, less than ten feet to another location in the same building!” I shouted.

“For God’s sake, I can see the groomer’s doorway from here!” I continued.

Before the stunned veterinary tech could even reply, a women standing behind me spoke up.

“You go girl!” She bellowed. “Last time I was in here, I was so mad,  I showed my ass…Mmm Hmm, I did!”

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

The veterinary tech was motionless and looked scared to death.

I grabbed Max’s leash and started to walk him over to the groomer.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that woman becoming mad enough to show her bare ass in public, yet I certainly understand what could possibly lead a person to do such a thing given what I had just experienced.

It makes me laugh everytime I think of her, baring her ass.

And maybe…that day, she just might have kept me from baring mine.

My life, I Swear…and props to great customer service, Pet Smart. Maybe they should change their name to Pet Inconvenient.

Just sayin…










13 thoughts on ““Oh, I Showed My Ass…”

  1. Murphy’s Law… You need to send this to Yelp and any website that rates local businesses. That will get their attention. Also, sending it to the manager and the corporate offices of Petsmart might change the policy. Full service should be full service. Blogs are great for venting, but well-placed letters get more attention for people who can change policy. (And it may get you some freebies!)

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  2. It’s getting that robotic “This is how we do things here.” I don’t care when I get it. I always go over the top. Once, the Feds held up my tax rebate for six weeks because they didn’t have a form which told them I was on medicare … and right on TOP of the medicare form (attached) was a note saying MEDICARE HANDLES THIS PERSON’S MEDICAL COMMITMENT. She then said “Oh,” and fixed it. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


    1. Hi, Marilyn! Don’t know how your comment on this post went to my WordPress spam. Must be the Feds. Lol! I abhor incompetence! I guess you can’t fix stupid!Thanks for commenting. Erin


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