Sometimes I feel happy and empowered.

Sometimes I’m sad and insecure.

Occasionally I’m angry and defeated.

And sometimes I just feel lost.

Or like giving up.


We have all been there.

All of these feelings, good and bad, are part of the human experience.

All of these feelings exist for a reason.


Yet, we often blame ourselves for our shortcomings and setbacks.

We blame others for what we can’t deal with or can’t control.


And just when things are at their worst,

Something happens.

However seemingly small.

And changes everything.


This pattern continues throughout our lives,

Yet we are surprised

Each and every time.


Funny how a kind word or gesture,

Can set us back on course.

A little encouragement

Or validation

Can upend us

And we find ourselves

Back on our feet.


That is what love does.


Love of a friend.

A family member.

A stranger.


The driving force

That sets us

Back on track,

Or on a new path.


Love has the power

To console,

To heal,

To change everything.


Love is all that matters.


by Erin Cooper Reed









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