Through a series of unfortunate events, that went something like this…

My ex-husband leaves his dog Jax, with his ex-sister-in-law who is now no longer able to care for the dog… (long story that I won’t disclose because it’s not my business)…

And even though I am struggling to provide for my own family (that’s 5 of us), plus our dog, Max, and our cat, Mitzi…

After being out of work for six weeks with no income, due to an injury to my knee…(another long story)

I am now the proud owner of yet another dog, Jax, who is also male…

And our dog Max is feeling slighted and territorial with another male dog in the house. Our cat Mitzi is completely freaked out…

During the worst tick season ever…(You know what this means if you read my post, “I’d Like to Check You For Ticks”)

And did I mention that Jax tried to mark his territory, as did Max, which ended in a territory marking stalemate…

And everyone seems oblivious to the fact that this is not my responsibility and the last thing that I need to add to the mix right now.

Yet, in the end it is always me that comes through.

Even in the case of:

Image result for images of unfortunate events

My Life I SWEAR!

End of rant.

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