I’m supposed to have surgery on the torn meniscus in my knee.

My orthopedist told me that I have to go for physical therapy first.

Now, is it just me or does that sound ass backwards?

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It got me to thinking about all of the things that appear to be ass backwards to me in life and I’m really beginning to think that ass backwards has become my new pet peeve.


McDonald’s has an average of fifteen to twenty employees working per shift.

Yet, they consistently pair a poor connection on the menu board speaker with a drive-thru employee with either a heavy accent or one who speaks broken English.

Ass backwards? I’d say so!

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Thinking about trying this little drive-thru move in rebellion.


Have you ever seen any system as ass backwards as the department of Motor Vehicle?

After waiting three hours for it to be my turn, I approached the counter at motor vehicle…finally.

I had moved back to Connecticut from North Carolina and I needed to get a Connecticut drivers license.

I had all the necessary paperwork…or so I thought.

The woman at the DMV stated that I needed a copy of my marriage license.

“My marriage license? I’ve been divorced for 2 years!”  I stated.

She replied, “That’s the document that we need or you can’t get a Connecticut State Driver’s License.”

I ended up driving to the town clerk’s office in the town that I was married.

Twenty dollars for a marriage certificate that I would never use again and forty minutes later, I was back in line waiting to get my Connecticut license.


I guess I’m not the only one that can’t seem to avoid all of the ass backwardness…



Donald Trump, the first billionaire president in U.S. history, currently has a net worth of $3.5 billion dollars.

Let’s take a minute and put that into a perspective that we could all understand.

According to researchmaniacs.com:

Spending: If you had 3.5 billion dollars, you could buy 116,667 cars at $30,000/each or 17,500 houses at $200,000/each.

Travel: If you were to travel 3.5 billion miles, you could fly around the world 140,557 times or take a round trip to the moon 7,325 times.

Savings: If you could save $100,000/year, it would take you 35,000 years to save 3.5 billion dollars. If you could save $10,000 every single day, then it would only take you 959 years to save 3.5 billion.

And yet, all the money in the world can’t buy Donald Trump a better hairstyle.

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Maybe it’s me…or maybe everything is just ass backwards!


What’s your pet peeve?

What do you find totally ass backwards?”


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