Wait! Don’t take cover yet. I promise that no one is going to get hurt.

I don’t have an actual bomb…I’m just using the word bomb, so you can all relax.


According to Urban Dictionary, here is the top definition of the word


  1. (before 1997) Something really bad; a failure
  2. (after 1997) Something considered excellent and/or the best (uses modifier “the”) “the bomb”


So I guess based on the above, this post could go either way. We all want to have a blog reflective of definition #2. Hell, we all want to have a life reflective of definition #2, so even if you’re not a blogger, please read on.


Seeing that it’s 2017, I’ve decided to go with the post 1997 definition and drop my blogging B.O.M.B.

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  1.  Accomplishment – Nothing feels better in life or motivates and propels you forward like accomplishment. Blogging requires a lot of time and commitment. The more you blog, the more you want to blog. Momentum in life is everything. Just keep moving forward with your eye on your goal no matter what.
  2. Community – There is certainly no happiness in going it all alone. The blogging community is a virtual world of knowledge and inspiration. Just like life, you need to make connections and build relationships to enrich your experience and grow as a writer, as well as a person.
  3. Perspective – I started out thinking that I was writing for myself. What I learned is that writing for others to share your perspective, your ideas, your humor and your thoughts is a way of giving of yourself and giving back. The sooner you give up any self-doubt, ego or competitive nature the easier it will be to find (and truly own) your unique voice and share it with the world.


I’ll leave you with this quote by Colin Powell

Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up. - Colin Powell


Blogging is a journey. Have patience and enjoy the ride,

Erin Cooper Reed

What are your beliefs about blogging?





13 thoughts on “Time to Drop the Blogging B.O.M.B.

  1. Ha ha ha!😄 great post and so true! I started with the intention of my blog being more of a photography blog and then I said it’s gonna be whatever comes to mind 😃 But the community and reading others blogs are the best parts!


  2. I love sharing my poetry. As an author – connecting to people has usurped ideas of wealth and popularity (not that I would reject that per se lol). But when I receive a review, a like for one of my poems, I take that as an “I get that moment.” For an artist – that’s everything.


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