Now that I’ve got your attention…let’s get naked, well, not literally. As a writer I have to be willing to open myself up and bare my soul. Fortunately, I’m a very open person who finds it cleansing to speak my truth.

After four years of living together, John and I have parted ways.

It wasn’t pretty. My kids have been riding John about getting a job for a while and it finally all came to a head. I feel bad. I feel relieved. I feel like I’m onto my next adventure.

I have never been a person that’s afraid of change, in fact I face it head on and welcome all of the challenges and new opportunities that it presents. When I was growing up my wonderful parents always told me, “You can do anything. We never worry about you.” Thank you mom and dad for instilling the drive and confidence that helps me to face any situation and overcome my momentary fears and doubts.

Be rest assured that I have not lost my sense of humor…it has always been (and will continue to be) my coping mechanism. I currently have a long lists of to-dos, along with a few life long dreams and a mental list of personal goals. I know I have what it takes to accomplish anything I want to. It’s time to focus on my kids. It’s time to focus on me.

And while I’m at it, seeing that I’m getting all naked here, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get to the gym.





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