Happy New Year 2017! New Year, New You, New Life, New Chance, New Dreams, New Goals! Then life happens…

I started off my new year with a carbon monoxide leak in my heating system and the duplex I’m renting in foreclosure. My mother is in her third round of chemo therapy and my youngest son, Marc has run his course in the public school system.


Leave it to me to write the non-traditional New Years Motivational hype.

Just sayin…

that maybe it is okay to be exactly where you are in 2017 and even embrace it. In fact, bring it on! As I reflect on the resolutions that I made last year, I realize that I’m already 365 days behind. Maybe you are too.

Maybe New Year’s isn’t about sayin, “I will”and”I want”. Maybe, it’s about sayin  “My kids need”, “My mother deserves”, “My next step is.”

Maybe it is about accepting where you are and figuring out what you have to do no matter how stressful or insurmountable it seems.

If you welcome the challenges, the knowledge and the personal growth that it takes to overcome them…you are evolving every minute.

This year, my New Years Resolution is to take the “I” out of the equation, be stronger than my fear and face every challenge that is presented to me, head on.

Just Sayin…


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