Take That, “Garbage Can Nazi!”

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You may remember my post about the garbage can wars with my next door neighbor, whom I call the “Garbage Can Nazi.” If you missed it, here’s the link below, just to get you up to speed.


Just for the record, he never moved my garbage cans again.

Unfortunately, during our three-week battle, the Garbage Can Nazi did weed-whack all of my sunflowers… well, all except for one.

Did I mention that sunflowers are my favorite flower? There isn’t another flower that truly replicates the appearance of the sun. Just like a sunny day makes your mood brighter, so does a beautiful sunflower.

My one surviving sunflower has grown to be at least 8 feet high with a trunk as thick as a baseball bat.

Personally, I think this little sunflower, grown from seed, is with me and flourishing just to spite the Garbage Can Nazi.

Here is the photo I took today.


Take that, “Garbage Can Nazi!” I win!


And in the future, never piss off someone who writes a blog or underestimate the power and beauty of a single sunflower.

Just sayin…

Erin Cooper Reed


“How Many Pounds Did You Win?”

I have to say that I was feeling pretty bad about myself after putting on a few pounds over the last six weeks.

Until one of the chefs at work asked me, “How many pounds did you win? Four? Five?”

I laughed.

“How many pounds did I gain?” I replied, “I’m not sure.”

“Oh, my God!” The chef said, “You look great!”

So, I’m just going to go with that.

Instead of mentally beating myself up for gaining a few pounds, I think I’ll just go with…


Curvy Girls, I got your back!

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