#brave10objectchallenge Convalescent Home

Participating in this writing challenge from  the braveandrecklessblog.

Here are the rules if you’d like to participate.

The Rules:

  • Write about life experience using only 10 objects (see Asylum for format)
  • Add the hashtag #brave10objectchallenge
  • Publish the piece on your blog before midnight EST on Friday, June 16
  • In the reply section below, leave a link for your posted piece


Convalescent Home

Another Day

Ticking Clock

Hospital food

Mopped Floors

Silent Phone

Medicinal Smell

Sharp Cries

Wrinkled Faces

Idle Hands

Four Walls


I worked at a convalescent when I lived in NC, it was an experience both good and bad. Everyday you showed up at work to find out that someone had died. It certainly wasn’t easy in that respect, but I loved the people. It really changed me in a good way.