Well, truth be told I haven’t had a vacation in five years and this year isn’t looking too promising either.

Starting over mid-life, after a divorce, isn’t easy to say the least. I think I have received more money from manufacturer’s rebates in the last five years than I have received in child support payments. (And just for the record, I don’t generally fill out manufacturer rebates.)

So here I sit planning how one combines a “Staycation” with a full work schedule… I mean is that even possible?

I guess I could cover myself in sun screen, and show up to work in a bikini and sunglasses but I’m not sure how well that would go over at my job.

So I guess that I’ll have to treasure the downtime I have and settle for the small pleasures in life…

Like laying on the bed in an air-conditioned room and reading a good book.

Or spending my day off weeding my mom’s walkway and watering her flowers only to see the appreciation and delight in her eyes as we sit and talk over a tuna sandwich.

Or staying up late listening to music with John, what we have named, “singing and dancing night.”

Or driving my kids wherever they need to go and savoring the uninterrupted alone time in the car with them, just to talk.

Or having them ask, “What are you making mom?”

And hearing them yell, “YES!!!” when I reply it’s their grandmother’s recipe. (One of their absolute favorites)

It’s the smiles, the conversation, the laughter and the time.

It’s the long hours and hard work that gives me the ability to say yes to that new pair of sneakers, the money for the movies or enables me to meet a need that they’re not sure I can.

So this summer, I won’t be sporting a tan or posting pictures on Facebook of the amazing view from my hotel room.

But I can tell you this, the view from this house isn’t so bad after all.

Happy summer!

I hope it’s the best!

Much love,

Erin Cooper Reed




Here’s What’s In Store…The Ultimate Social Media Calendar June 2017

Welcome June! The month that is not only the official start of summer, but also the most popular month for weddings.

I was anxious to find out what’s happening in June 2017. I even looked it up for you so that you wouldn’t have to.

You’re Welcome!

According to the “Ultimate Social Media Calendar 2017” here is what we have to look forward to this month:

June 1st – 

Global Day of Parents

International Children’s Day

June 2nd – 

Leave The Office Early Day

National Donut Day

June 4th – 

Civic Day of Hacking

National Cancer Survivor’s Day

June 5th –  

World Environment Day

June 6th – 

Higher Education Day

June 8th – 

World’s Ocean Day

Best Friends Day

June 14th – 

World Blood Donor Day

National Flag Day

June 18th – 

Father’s Day

June 20th – 

World Refugee Day

June 21st – 

National Selfie Day

World Music Day

International Yoga Day

First Day of Summer

June 23rd – 

Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 27th – 

National Sunglasses Day

June 29th – 

National Handshake Day

June 30th – 

Social Media Day

Now, I don’t know about you, but personally, I was hoping for some downtime this summer…and now I’m feeling totally overwhelmed.

The only way that I can figure I’m going to be able to survive all of these festivities if I combine all of the above “Holidays” and get them out-of-the-way in one day, ya know, for efficiency’s sake.

So I’ve decide that tomorrow, I’m going to wake up early, grab a donutthrow on some music and do a little yoga before selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses for my dog Max to wear when he goes with me to work.

I plan on using my time at work to make a donation to the refugees (In Donald Trump’s name, of course) and to purchase some Malware to ensure that our companies computer doesn’t get hacked. Once I know that our computer system is secure, I’ll give my boss a firm handshake before informing him that I’ll be leaving the office early to go donate blood.

On my way home from giving blood I’ll make it a point to see both of my parentsI’ll give my mom a hug and congratulate her on being a cancer survivor before having to leave to purchase a small flag to put at my dad’s grave site. I’ll wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day and tell him how much I miss him, then I’ll return home to see my children.

I’ll drop Max off at my house, throw on a bikini to celebrate the first day of summer and call my best friend to see if she would like to go to the beach with me to help me remove some of the liter and cans from the ocean to protect the environment.

I’ll spend the last few moment’s before heading off to the beach, begging my kids to complete their summer homework packets so that they can pass to the next grade and eventually get a higher education.

I’ll forget my sunglasses because Max is still wearing them (What can I say?) and I’ll end up with a weird tan line on my forearm from where I gave blood.

But don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing.

I’ll be sure to document it all in selfies and post it on social media!


Image result for images welcome june


Have a great June and a memorable summer my friends!

Much love,

Erin Cooper Reed