Petals of Progress

Petals of Progress

You are a work in progress.
You are not what you have
been told you are.
You are not the total sum
of all of your bad experiences,
or even your mistakes.

Like a dormant seed,
All you are,
All you’ve been through,
All the uncertainty,
You’ve buried deep in your soul,
is waiting until the climate is right.

You are exactly
where you need to be.
And all your fears,
And all your pain,
All your doubts,
And all your sorrow,
are the barren seeds,
that slowly take root.

Out of your pain,
grows the strength of the stem.
Your fears produce the bud
which surrounds you with
new found confidence.
Your every doubt,
And every sorrow,
unfolds from the bud
developing into
fresh new petals of
love, creativity, joy and hope.

Through strife
grows your
inner most beauty,
which produces
your greatest potential.

Like a flower
blossoms in Spring,
You flourish into
more than you ever

dreamed you could be

In Spite of All the Rain

In Spite of All the Rain
 I left an abusive marriage.
I’m strong and I’m free.
Have to get on with my life,
figure out who I’m supposed to be.
Still I can’t help but notice,
that something’s not quite working.
I’m struggling to find myself,
a midst damage so deep, that it’s still lurking.
So accustomed to living in turmoil,
no time to focus on all the things I feel.
When they begin to surface,
they are as sharp, as they are real.
I never would have imagined,
that what you leave, is also what you take.
And all the good intention,
does not a perfect person make.
I’m well aware of my issues;
anger, guilt, low self-esteem.
Slowly, counseling is helping me,
release my inner scream.
Deep inside how do I justify,
all the degrading things that I’ve been told.
And compensate for so much lost time,
when I know I’m getting old.
So much hurt ingrained in me,
only I can work through the pain.
By looking for the rainbow,
in spite of all the rain.