Ah, Texting. Remember To ALWAYS Pause Before You Hit Send

I was at work when I received this text from John.

“Damn, the sex was good last night! I woke up with my underwear on backwards and my T-shirt inside  out.” 

I laughed.

Then he texted me this…

“I meant to text that to you, but I accidentally texted it to Matthew.” (His son)

I laughed until I could hardly breathe.

I text back.

“OMG! What did he say?”

John replied.

“Dad, was that meant for me?”

John text him back.

“No. Sorry, that was meant for Erin.”

This holiday weekend, don’t drink and drive.

Don’t drink and text.

And, remember…ALWAYS pause before you hit send!

Happy Memorial Day!

Erin Cooper Reed