NEVER Go To The Department Of Motor Vehicle When You’re PMSing!

Two days…

Two different Motor Vehicle locations…

And two attempts at getting Kevin his road test for his drivers license.

I can’t even bring myself to relive day one and today’s visit was just a fiasco.

We had a 9 a.m. appointment and arrived early at the DMV.

Our visit required a copy of my registration and insurance so Kevin would be able to drive my car for the road test.

Simple enough.

I grabbed a copy of my registration and most current insurance card from the glove compartment (Where I have never in my life kept any gloves, just sayin…) and we headed inside past the droves of people waiting in a long line, in front of the building.

I could already feel my blood pressure going up.

It was at least 20 minutes before we were able to check in and make our presence known.

Eventually, a DMV employee asked for my registration and insurance card. I handed him the paperwork. He walked away and I sat as my paperwork was passed off to another employee, then to yet another.

We waited…

And waited.

Finally the original DMV employee, who I had handed the paperwork to, returned.

Mr. DMV: “Ma’am, your registration is expired.”

Me: “No, it isn’t. My registration is paid and current.”
Mr. DMV: “The registration that you gave has an expired date. I highlighted it for you.”

Me: “Well, I must have forgotten to put the new one in my car.”

Mr. DMV: “You know you’re supposed to have your current registration in your vehicle.”

Me: “Of course I know that, but life is busy and my registration IS current!”

Mr. DMV: “We’ll have to reschedule.”

Me: “Reschedule? What for? Why can’t you just check the status of my registration in your computer… I mean, this is the DMV!”

Mr. DMV: “You’ll have to stop talking when I’m talking.”

Me: “I’m not. This is just ridiculous!”

Mr. DMV turns to the two other men who hand handled my paperwork. “Did either of you check this registration in the computer?” He asks, as both men shake their head, no.

Finally, Mr. DMV hands my paperwork back to one of the men behind the counter.

The man fumbles at the computer keyboard.

“Her registration is valid!” He shouts over, so we can hear.

Me: “That’s what I told you.”

Mr. DMV: “You need to purchase a copy of the current registration. It’s twenty dollars.”

Me: “Fine.” I sputter, as I pull my check book out of my purse and write a twenty-dollar check. for a single printed copy of my registration.

I hand Kevin my car keys in preparation for him to take his road test.

And we wait…

And wait.

Mr. DMV approaches us and says, “This isn’t the correct copy of your insurance card.”

Me: “What do you mean this isn’t the correct copy of my insurance card? It’s the most recent one that I have! It just came in the mail!”

Mr. DMV: “This says August 2017, its July 2017. I need the card for July.”

Me: “I don’t have the card for July. I have had the same insurance company for five years and I have insurance! Obviously they wouldn’t send me the new insurance card if my insurance wasn’t current. It’s current, just like my registration is current!”

Mr. DMV: “We need the card for July or we’ll have to reschedule.”

Me: “Can I call my insurance company and have a copy of the July card faxed here?”

Mr. DMV: “We don’t accept faxes.”

Me: “Isn’t that accommodating? What if I go to the closest office store and get a faxed copy of my July insurance card and then come back?”

Mr. DMV: “You’d have to do it by your appointment time for the driving test.”


Mr. DMV: “Then you’ll have to reschedule.”

Me: “This is TOTALLY ridiculous and the reason I hate this place…”

“Ma, ma, ma, ma… let’s just leave.” Kevin interjects.

I apologized to Kevin and after thirty more minutes of waiting, he was called up to get his rescheduled date.

Kevin’s appointment for his driving test is September 22.

I just hope that I won’t be PMSing.

My Life, I Swear…