This is a poem that I wrote for a domestic violence organization called 19,000 feet. This organization raised money for victims of domestic violence by taking donations and climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro which is 19,000 feet.

At the top of the mountain they read intentions that were submitted on behalf of countless victims of domestic violence.

A beautiful story, gesture and organization.

I am proud to be a part of their cause and to have created their signature poem.


19,000 Reasons

There are 19,000 reasons,

To climb 19,000 feet.

To end the cycle of violence,

What children live,

They will repeat.


And even if you’ve never,

Given a thought to it before,

There are many battered women,

With no strength

To walk out the door.


And if you heard their stories,

You would not believe,

How anyone

Wouldn’t want to help them,

Find resources,

So they’d leave.


And if you’ve ever used the expression,

“For the grace of God go I”

You’d understand why we’re climbing,

19,000 feet into the sky.


There are more than 19,000 reasons,

To give with all your heart.

So many millions of women,

Who need hope,

And a fresh start.


by Erin Cooper Reed


14 thoughts on “19,000 Reasons

      1. Well you truly have a huge gift! Who knew that extended to powerful poetry! You know this is weird but I think you could be a great song writer and even can see Rappers powerfully stating both poems too! I think you should look into that too.


  1. I am so proud of the things you have accomplished during and after these horrendous times in your life. Sharing this will be so important to people who have experienced the same sorts of things.


    1. Thank you! I appreciate that. I spent years writing and public speaking about domestic violence. When my father was alive he asked me, “Do you really want to live here?” At the time I said yes…but with time, and after my father died, I thought I have made a difference, I have made my mark and I have helped people. I got through it all with my perspective and my sense of humor. I made a decision to start a blog and share that with the world. I still feel passionately about ending domestic violence in all it’s forms, so I posted the poetry on my blog.

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      1. I wrote the 19,000 Reasons poem in 3 minutes. I wrote Walk A Mile In Her Shoes in about 15 minutes but it came out all out of order so I had to reorganize it. Sometimes I feel divinely guided. I hope that doesn’t sound crazy but writing just pours out of me and I’m like, wow, where did that come from?

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